Personal Injury Classes understands the whenever you are involved in a car accident, it is very difficult to build the case, as well as get paid. Founder Bill Gallagher has been over 10 via killer accidents. Is incredibly frustrated by the insurance Companies not willing to pay him for his accident. So he decided to step out learn off on the subject so that he could buy better testimony if you were to get another accident. This turned into him being able to build cases for other people, and then turn that into a profession. One day a lawyer comes in and asked him if he can help with the case. His client has developed lung problems after his rear end collision. What they learned is that there is a powder that deploys from the airbags the got into his lungs and developed an allergy. Without the research and knowledge of what this class offers, there would be no way that his diagnosis would have either been accurate or diagnosed at all.

Personal Injury Classes was created so that we could fulfill the need. The knowledge of how to diagnose, acts assess, and provide expert testimony to any kind of personal injury case. Throughout these 1015 hour classes, we will teach you a plethora of information that most people may not have the desire to learn about, but what is absolutely essential to many motor vehicle cases. Half of these seminars are spent teaching about the examination and diagnosis of certain patients and what the symptoms are. The second half is spent on documentation medical issues that meaning, while building a case.

Personal Injury Classes understands that for when lawyers take these cases, it is customary that they take a 50% reduction in fees personal injury cases. Through this course we will actually teach you how to collect 100% of your fees as well as build a solid case that the guarantee will also get your client the best paid result. We also understand that the number one cause of malpractice is the failure to diagnose. Throughout this course will be happy to teach you all of the symptoms as well as how to diagnose such ailments. For example whiplash doesn’t actually have a medical billing code, so doctors actually cannot diagnose whiplash. So what we do is we developed a list of symptoms and actually show you how to properly diagnose whiplash as well as teach you how to medically code this properly.

This entire class is based on the a and a guide to the evaluation of permanent impairment sixth edition. This class provides better understanding of the value of each diagnosis along with supporting testing plane that match the diagnosis. Allows the doctor to provide the attorney with a report of what injuries have resolved.

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Personal Injury Classes understand that when you get in a car accident, and the only thing you wanted to make sure that you’re healthy, and repaid for a proper manner. Our owner Bill Gallagher has been over and over in vehicular accidents over his lifetime. He was always frustrated by the insurance companies never being willing to pay him because of his symptoms. Is this that he decided to learn everything there was about the motor vehicle injury world, it was able to develop a lot of information he was able to turn into a class. One day a lawyer comes still with a case about a guy who had been in a fender bender and airbags deployed. Soon later he still started to develop problems with his lungs. Throughout this entire process they figured out that there is a powder that deploys the whenever the airbags deployed, this got into the clients lungs and cause an allergic reaction. Through Mr. Gallagher’s work, the lawyer was able to collect all his fees, client was able to collect much larger sum of money that he anticipated, as will as got the proper treatment for what he thought he had.

Personal Injury Classes understand there’s a lot of personal injury cases just like this that have very little information as to what is going on, and therefore dismissed. This frustrates several different kinds of people and you can understand why. The American Association for motor vehicle injuries was indeed created to fulfill a need. The goal is to provide the knowledge of how to diagnose, assess, and provide expert testimony throughout any kind of personal injury case you may be involved in. Through the 10 15-hour class, you will learn a plethora of information the most people do not have a desire to learn about, but will be absolutely essential to many motor vehicle cases. Often this industry, you definitely need this information and this class.

One of the main problems that Personal Injury Classes encounters is that most lawyers whenever they take a personal injury case have to take a 50% reduction in fees because they know they will probably not get a whole lot out of it. We will teach you how to build the case with and collect 100% of your fees no matter what. Another problem is that the number one cause of malpractice is an absolute failure to diagnose. So through this course and I 10 15 hour classes, will be old to teach you how to diagnose as well as symptoms of every single person we have recorded with our methods. The first half of the curriculum is spent on examination and diagnosis

Classes include radiology with emphasis on Ryan brings Scott spinal ligament injuries with emphasis on plain film, flexion/extension studies of the spine. Physical examination and diagnosis is broken three sections of spinal, extremity, and cranial nerves. The second half spent on documentations in the medical issues that go along with it. This course strives to give doctors a better understanding of the legal process involved with personal injury. This includes ethics, documentation and also focuses on legal precedents.

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