Personal Injury Classes has been involved in motor vehicle injury cases for over 10 years. We understand how frustrating this can be because of our founder, Bill Gallagher has been over 10 vehicle accidents. He was always frustrated by the insurance companies not willing to pay him for his accidents, so he decided to set out and figure out exactly why you’re not willing to help with his case. When the lawyer comes in with a case about lung problems with the client whose airbags are just deployed. The lawyer had no idea if an airbag was able to cause lung problems or not, so they set out to figure out. Took very little effort to actually research what was truly going on and they were able to tell the case around it.

The Personal Injury Classes that the Americans Association of motor vehicle injuries was created to fill the need. This knowledge was necessary of how to diagnose, assess, and a provide expert testimony of about these cases. In this 15 hour course, one of our certified professionals will teach you a plethora of information about things that most people don’t want to learn about. However we understand these small pieces of information are absolutely essential to many motor vehicle cases.

Couple of the main problems that Personal Injury Classes is able to help with the fact that most lawyers have to take a 50% reduction of fees for all of these cases. Through this course were able to teach you exactly how to build a case in with that, collect 100% of your fees. Another reason is because the number one cause of malpractice is a failure to diagnose in the first place. We will teach you all of the symptoms and how to diagnose several of these minor injuries that doctors may not be diagnosed. Another issue is the improper documentation is used to be addressed by the insurance industry is a billing error that you would be allowed to correct is now issued as insurance fraud. So program teaches you exactly how to document, how to bill, and what codes to use of the you avoid any issues with insurance companies on these cases.

Another way that the Academy of motor vehicles injuries solve your problems as a chiropractor, is through being able to add value. You add value you get paid up for the value that you add. Legal perspective teacher chiropractors had to evaluate the level of credentials that the possesses. Knowing the difference between a lawyer with a license to practice law, an attorney who practices personal injury, relay specialized in personal injury doors allow you to speak the right language.

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Personal Injury Classes in that respect is that in is that right away for a lawyer who is struggling with a personal injury case. Our founder Bill Gallagher has been in over 10 vehicle accidents and was incredibly frustrated almost every time by the insurance company is not willing to pay them for his accident. So he set out to figure out exactly what he needs to know so that he would not get screwed over again. So one day a lawyer comes in to see them with a case about a man whose developed lung problems after his car accident. They didn’t actually think that there is anything that was able to cause lung problems from his simple fender bender, however when they realize that there was a powder that was ejected from the airbag being deployed they quickly realize that he may have had a allergic reaction to the powder. This would’ve made his long swell up and develop problems, and without this general knowledge, his condition would’ve gone undiagnosed.

Personal Injury Classes understands them a lot of this information may not be the most pleasant thing in the world to learn about, however we do believe it is incredibly necessary that many people actually know what is going on with some of these personal injury cases and they are able to build a case of ever an instance were to happen where they themselves were in a car accident and needed the proper information to build a case. The American Association for motor vehicle injuries was created to fulfill that exact need. It provides knowledge of how to diagnose, assess, and as well as provide expert testimony for anyone who may be involved in a personal injury case.

Personal Injury Classes provides a 15 hour classes were going to teach them a plethora of information that most people don’t have the desire to learn about, but we do believe that is essential to many motor vehicle cases so that we can diagnose and give these people proper treatment, payment, and ease of mind that they deserve. Most people whenever they take on a personal injury case, will have to request a 50% reduction in fees because of the cases. What we will teach you in these as lawyers, is to build a case and be able to collect 100% your fees every single time.

We understand that another one of these major problems is that the number one cause of malpractice is a failure to diagnose in the first place. We do is we will teach you the symptoms of such things such as whiplash. And how to diagnose it properly. Whiplash itself, is actually not written anywhere in a medical billing code. This means that there’s actually no proper way for Dr. to diagnose whiplash. However, we know it exists. So we have to go with what we see. If we see the symptoms of what what a whiplash victim would be encountering, it is probably good to assume that they had experienced whiplash.

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