Find Best Personal Injury Classes understands that there is a lot of red tape that goes into building a proper case especially when it comes to small personal injury cases. Our founder has been a in over 10 vehicular accidents. He’s been rear-ended over six times, broadsided twice, and in a rollover crash, hit from all angles, been knocked off a bicycle, as well as a lost a battle with a station wagon as a pedestrian. He is been for ambulance ride and only one of which you can actually remember. So when it comes to having motor vehicle injuries, he is the expert.

Find Best Personal Injury Classes was always frustrated by these insurance companies never actually paying him. So he set out to find all the information that these lawyers and doctors were willing to learn so that he could give this information to any was willing to learn. And one day a lawyer comes in with to them with a case about a man who is been suffering from lung problems ever since he was rear-ended. The lung issues didn’t seem to have any correlation with the accident, however upon further examination it found that whenever the airbag deployed from the steering wheel, there is a small powdery residue that was expelled from the steering wheel and got into his lungs. This caused an allergic reaction that causes lung problems. Without this proper information, his settlement would have been significantly lower, he would’ve never gotten the medical treatment that he needed, and he would’ve been in done an incredible disservice and not getting the justice he deserved either.

This is exactly why Find Best Personal Injury Classes was created in the first place. It was created to fulfill a need. To teach and learn knowledge of how to properly diagnose, accurately assess, and provide amazing expert testimony whenever needed. There’ve always been several problems when it comes to this industry especially in the courtroom. Most lawyers whenever they have to take one of these cases will have to take a 50% reduction of their fees because they understand that the client will not be making a whole lot of money off of it. In this program we will teach you exactly how to build a strong case as well as be able to collect a percent your fees every single time.

Inside this curriculum are 10 separate seminars which each include 15 hours of teaching. The first half of this the seminars are spent on learning the proper examination and diagnosis of these symptoms and ailments. Second half is spent on proper documentation making sure that all these medical issues are all in line so you avoid all the red tape is in the medical industry.

If any of this sounds promising please feel free to give us call and reach out at 480-664-6644, or if you’re looking for more information about her amazing classes, feel free to visit our website We are excited to hear from you and can’t wait to take your call.

Find Best Personal Injury Classes is always a hassle. However we understand that we are not your average educational provider, we have proven experience. Our founder has been in over 10 vehicular accidents. He’s been rear-ended six times, broadsided twice, been in a rollover crash, knocked off a bike, lost a battle with a station wagon as a pedestrian, and even been in for ambulance rides, only on one of which he can remember. So when it comes to vehicle injuries, we have the experts.

Find Best Personal Injury Classes was frustrated by all these insurance companies not willing to pay them for the settlement amount that they had expected. So one day we set out to learn all of the information these doctors and lawyers don’t really care to take the time to learn. This is exactly why the American Association for motor vehicle injuries was founded. It was to fulfill the need of knowledge of how to properly diagnose these symptoms, accurately assess them, and provide expert testimony when necessary.

Over this 15 hour class, we will teach you a plethora of information that most people do not have the desire to learn, but is absolutely essential in these cases. One day a lawyer came in to her office to ask questions about a case. The case contained a man who had started suffering lung problems after a rear end collision. The lawyer didn’t expect to had any association with the other, however upon further examination we were able to determine that there is a small powder that is deployed along with the airbag when the steering wheel opens up. This small powder got inside the clients lungs and’s started creating an allergic reaction. Without learning this information beforehand and building the proper case, this man would never have gotten the proper medical treatment that he needed, the proper settlement that he was owed, or justice in general.

Through this 10 sessions of 15 hour seminars, the first half will be spent on examinations of ailments and giving proper diagnosis. The second half is spent on learning how to properly document everything as well as getting around any kind of medical issues or redtape that may be involved in a court case. Several problems that may occur is the lawyers usually up to take a 50% reduction of fees whenever they take these cases because they know will never pay, so we will teach you how to build a case and earned 100% of your fees every single time. Another problem is that the number one cause of malpractice is a failure to diagnose in the first place. In this case we teach you how to identify the symptoms quickly and responsibly as well as showing you how to properly diagnose someone with set ailments.

If any of the sounds promising you would like to learn more information about us, feel free to give us a call at 480-664-6644. Or if you’re looking for more information would like to read about us, feel free to visit the website We can’t wait to hear from you we are hoping that you are excited to learn.