Best Personal Injury Classes has experienced several different cases in which without the proper information, these cases would be thrown out. This means that the patient would not receive any kind of payment, may truly have some sort of illness that goes untreated, and will not receive any kind of justice if there truly was a problem with them. Our founder Bill Gallagher has been able in over 10 vehicular accidents. And he was always frustrated by the insurance companies not being willing to pay them for his accident. So he does set out to figure out every single it of information he could about these kinds of accidents. And one day a lawyer comes to him with a case about a guy who has experienced lung problems after being in a rear end collision and his airbags went off. To normal person does in these two events would seem completely unrelated, however upon further in looking into it, they learned that there is a powder that bursts out of the steering wheel whenever the airbags deployed. This powder somehow got into the clients lungs and caused an allergic reaction. Without the information presented by Mr. Gallagher, there would be no way that they would’ve even tested his lungs for any kind of problem, he would not have received any kind of compensation for his trouble, and would’ve been screwed out of justice completely.

We understand here at Best Personal Injury Classes that there are a lot of problems that come up in this kind of industry. One of which is that most lawyers whenever they take a case have to ask for 50% reduction of fees some very willing to take the case. What were to do through this educational program is teach you how to build a case with 100% in your fees, your client will be glad to pay them. You will provide such knowledge that will guarantee you they get the utmost justice that they deserve. Another cause of malpractice is the failure to diagnose. This might actually be the number one for malpractice in the first place. What we do is we will teach you all of the symptoms of some of these smaller pieces and then show you how to diagnose them.

Best Personal Injury Classes also understand there is a lot of time and energy that goes into learning about this. This is a 10 session, 15 hour seminar. The first half is spent on the examination and diagnosis so that we know exactly what we’re looking at whenever we take case. The second half is actually spent on documentation showing that you actually know exactly what to do as well as any kind of medical issues that may be encountered is.

These classes don’t only held lawyers, but they help doctors, patients, and anyone else who would actually be involved in a personal injury and automobile. It is great knowledge for everyone to know, however we understand that very few people actually take us up on it.

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Best Personal Injury Classes is not a defensive driving class, but rather course that teaches any kind of personal injury that make that you may encounter. Our founder Bill Gallagher’s been over 10 vehicular accidents, and he was always incredibly frustrated with the insurance companies refusing to pay them. Gallagher set off to find all the information these guys had been willfully ignoring. One day a lawyer came in to Mr. Gallagher’s office with a case about a guy who had received lung issues after his car wreck. The two completely seemed unrelated, however they did figure out that there is a small powdered that gets ejected from the steering wheel whenever the airbags deployed. This powder got inside of the clients lungs, and in the causing an allergic reaction. Because they were able to figure out exactly what happened, the client was able to get the proper treatment, the proper payment, as well as the ease of mind that everything worked out well in his favor.

We do understand there are several different problems that come up in Best Personal Injury Classes. Most people will have to take a 50% reduction of fees for these kind of cases if you are in a lawyer. However through this course will actually teach you how to build a sturdy case with 100% your fees as well as confidence that these clients would be happy to pay you 100% of your fees. Another major problem in the goes unnoticed in this industry is that the number one cause of malpractice is a failure to diagnose in the first place. We are going to teach you all of the symptoms for certain elements as well as how to properly diagnose the symptoms.

Best Personal Injury Classes understands there is a lot of time and energy that goes into learning all this information. Because is over 150 hours of work broken down into 10, 15 hour seminars the first half is broken down to the examination in the diagnosis of these ailments. While the second half is spent on properly learning how to document all of these medical issues as well as any kind of problems you may encounter within the medical field and how to avoid them.

One of the best examples of this is the fact that there is no diagnosis code for whiplash. The program will teach you exactly and I/what gets injured in that kind of trauma. You also learn the difference between a diagnosis in the symptoms and know what effects the case. On a fully diagnosed or documented case, settlement offers really exceed $10,000. From this adoption must be paid, the attorney expects to be paid one third, and the patient client deserves to be compensated as well. We cases yield weak results.

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